Enable 2017


1 Great Event

2 Great Venues

4 Great Speakers

Enable 2017, is held in two locations, Birmingham & Huddersfield, with 4 incredible speakers traveling between the sites.  There are four sessions held at each venue with, for the first time, a new seminar session where you can choose between 2 inspiring seminars plus, there will be a seminar stream specifically for  younger attendees aged between 13 and 18.  We have loads planned for the day with live links between the two venues, competitions and a healthy dose of banter it’s promising to be our greatest event yet.

Will Van Der HartWill Van Der Hart

Speaking @ Huddersfield & BCC

Will is Pastoral Chaplain at Holy Trinity Brompton and a director of Mind and Soul. His interest in emotional health is wide ranging, reflecting his broad experience in a variety of pastoral contexts. Will is an integrative and practical bible teacher who speaks at a number of national forums. He is passionate about equipping church leaders to look after their own emotional health as well as empowering them to manage the emotional needs of their congregations.

Chris CartwrightChris Cartwright

Speaking @ BCC & Huddersfield

Chris is the General Superintendent for the Elim Pentecostal Churches. He began his ministry in the late 1980’s at Kensington Temple where he served as Worship Pastor and Associate Minister. In 1997, Chris became the senior pastor of the City Temple in Cardiff, and in 2010 he became the Regional Leader for Wales and the Southern Region. He is married to Annie and they have three children.

Graham SwanGraham Swan

Speaking @ BCC

Swanny’s life story is one of great transformation. From a life childhood of abuse, he became an angry, violent young man. Following an amazing encounter with Jesus, his life was radically changed and now lives a life free of the ‘prison bars’ of his past.

Chris HardyChris Hardy

Speaking @ Huddersfield

Chris describes himself as a ‘former man of hate and a member of Britain’s most violet racist gangs’, but that’s not the end of his story. Chris has experienced the grace of God, setting him free from a life of hate, and propelling him toward a life of love. He has a great story of life-transformation to tell!