Enable Challenge


The Enable Challenge in Partnership with Elim Missions was born out of the stirring of Enable team member Simon Whitley’s heart.  Simon felt compelled to lead men to do something about the issues of human exploitation and injustice, especially towards women and kids around the world.

In 2014 the first challenge was launched.  25 guys cycled 100km from Telford to Malvern and 20 guys ran 10km around the Malvern hills.  Our second event in 2015 saw groups of men take on challenges all across the UK from triathlons, to marathons to walking Hadrian’s wall you name it they did it.  To date over £32,000 has been raised by the Enable Challenge for BeFree, Elim Missions campaign against human exploitation.

Simon had the privilege of traveling to Cambodia in 2015 to visit projects where some of the money will be spent.  In February 2016 he along with a group from the UK will travel to DRC to plan a missions trip.